Horny Parrot

A guy has a horny parrot. It’s terrible. Every time he reaches into the cage, the bird humps his arm. He invites his mother to tea, the bird keeps saying foul things. Finally he takes the parrot to a vet.

The vet examines the bird extensively, says, “Well, you have a horny male parrot. I have a sweet young female bird, and for fifteen dollars your bird can go in the cage with mine.”

Horny Parrot

The guy’s parrot is listening and says, “Come on! Come on! What are you waiting for??”

Finally, the guy says all right and hands over the fifteen dollars. The vet takes the parrot, puts him in the cage with the female bird, closes the curtain. Suddenly, “Kwah! Kwah! Kwah!” Feathers come flying out of the cage.

The vet says, “Holy gee,” and runs across the room and opens the curtain. The male bird has the female bird down on the bottom of the cage, pulling out all her feathers. He’s saying, “For fifteen bucks, I want you naked. Naked!”

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