3 Times You Shouldn’t Hook Up

I know I know you’d think this would be common sense but you’d be surprised how irrational one becomes when they’re extremely horny.

Don’t want to burst your bubble here but if you’re faced with these three unfortunate situations then save the sexual encounter for another time when you have your life together.

Too Drunk:

I get it, you have drunk goggles on and are a little too excited to be hitting it off with someone. By all means, do what you want, but if you’re stumbling and can barely form words, I highly doubt you’re going to have a successful night.

Save yourself the embarrassment of throwing up or passing out during whatever intercourse you think you’re going to have and call it a night. If you’re good enough friends that aren’t as trashed as you, hopefully, they will come to the rescue.

Drunk sex is fun but not belligerent, sloppy, questionable sex leaving you second-guessing if you did have sex the next morning.There are plenty of drunken nights ahead so don’t get all bent out of shape if it doesn’t work out that specific evening.

You can either get their number to plan another night if you’re set on sleeping with them or leave it as it and pray the universe lets it happen again soon.

No Protection:

This happens more often than not, especially with the hookups that occur in the spur of the moment. If she isn’t on birth control and there is no condom… just don’t do it.

I know the moment is perfect, and you’re set and ready to go, but the risk of STD’s and pregnancy aren’t worth the two minutes of satisfaction.

There are plenty of other sexual things you can do without going all the way or figure out a way to get a condom before the moment is long gone.


If you’re feeling a little funky, then please don’t go passing it around town just because you’re feeling a little frisky. Hopefully, you’re keeping up with personal hygiene and testing if you’re living the hook-up lifestyle.

Your needs can wait as long as it takes for everything down there to clear up whether

Make up an excuse like “ no protection” if you don’t want to explain your situation but don’t just go with it just because it’s at the moment.

I know it’s hard to think logically when you’re all hot and bothered, but you’ll thank me in the long run. You’ll save yourself from getting further infected and getting the, “ did you give me an STD?” text.

I don’t mean to sound like your mother, but you have to admit these are some pretty valid reasons. Save yourself the embarrassment and keep it in your pants for the night.

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