Being in a relationship can be great, but it can also be really, really not great. As they say, relationships are about compromise.
But if your only relationship refers to a fuckbuddy, then the only compromise you’ll face is sometimes going to their house instead of yours, or deciding who’s on top.
Whether you have a fuckbuddy now, or are in the process of trying to establish one, down below are three great reasons having only a fuckbuddy is ideal.

No Drama
Hey girl, save the drama for your mama! One of the worst parts about being in a relationship is all the drama that inevitably ensues.
With just a fuckbuddy, the only drama between the two of you will take place between the sheets. There are no forgotten anniversaries or interrogations of “who is that girl, how do you know her?”
Instead, there are a few quick texts here and there to make arrangements and then it’s either on, or it isn’t. And if your fuckbuddy is busy or merely isn’t in the mood, there are no hard feelings or broken hearts or enraged temperaments; there’s just a happy-go-lucky person who’s feeling horny at the moment, and I’d take that feeling over dealing with a crying and angry girlfriend any day.
With just having a fuckbuddy, there’s no reason for crying before sex or after sex, there’s no reason for breakup sex or make-up sex, there’s just sex—and the only reason you need for that is it’s fucking great.

We were all born individuals and love the feeling of doing what you want, when you want. Well if you’re in a relationship, you can’t!
One of the things I appreciate most about being single is my freedom to do as I please. Whether it’s drinking as much as I like, talking with whomever I please, or going wherever the hell I’m invited, having a significant other is like having a ball and chain.
In a relationship, you have to think twice before making a decision, and then rethink it, because according to your significant other, you’re still probably wrong. There’s no such thing as “acting on impulse” when in a relationship, and many great adventures and legendary nights can happen that way.
Having just a fuckbuddy allows you to do everything you still want, and then go over to their place and do them. Now those are two things that pair absolutely beautiful together: sex and freedom.

Just Sex
Alright, alright, alright, we all know this is the greatest reason for having a fuckbuddy, and that’s because, well, it is! There are no first dates or awkward, drawn-out texting conversations, no generous deeds like buying flowers or their favorite beer, no missed parties due to date nights or a sick partner, there’s just sex.
Whenever, wherever, however you please, granted your fuckbuddy is down. It’s almost like business partners doing a deal; you meet, trade services to fulfill each other’s order, and then you go about your day—strictly business. That’s just a very, very polite way to put it; there’s almost always dirty deals being made.
There are many reasons to be in a relationship, and there are many, many reasons not to be, but the most compelling reason for why you should have a fuckbuddy—which would be the most compelling reason for why you should do anything—is the no-strings-attached fuckbuddy sex.

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